Styles taught at the DMAA

Southern Dragon Style Kung Fu (Long Ying Kuen)

Lam Yiu Gwai

Developed by Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai, Dragon style kung fu (long ying kuen) is the only Chinese martial arts system that is modelled on a mythical animal. While other styles developed that imitated the movements of animals, birds and insects, Dragon style was developed from the understanding, essence and symbolism that these awesome and immensely powerful creatures represented.

Dragon style is an extremely effective martial art, incorporating a wide variety of kicks, sweeps, strikes, locks and takedowns. However, concealed within its practical and efficient external form is a devastating ‘internal’ power – an explosive force that also generates sensitivity, speed and agility.

The roots of Dragon style kung fu can be traced to the Haushoutai temple on Loufwushan mountain… [read more]

yang chen fuYang Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan literally translates as “supreme ultimate fist”. It is an ‘internal’ Chinese martial art that focuses on relaxation and energy control to create speed and power, very different in its theory and application from that of the ‘external’ styles which rely on muscular strength and force.

Tai Chi is also practiced as an art of moving meditation and inside its method and form can be found the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Gong and philosophy.  As such, there are many benefits that practitioners can draw from studying Tai Chi, including stress relief, confidence, self defence, fitness, flexibility, relaxation, higher energy levels, better sleep patterns, cure from aches and pains, and improved mental acuity.

Yang style Tai Chi dates back to a man called Yang Luchan (1799-1872) was born in the Yongnian County in north China’s Hebei Province… [read more]

Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies Eight Methods)

Chen Tuan

Hua Yue Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Quan translates as “Hua mountain heart/mind and intent six harmonies eight methods boxing”.  It is seen as one of the highest forms of internal kung fu that for a long time was only taught inside closely guarded circles.  It is a unique, effective and unusually beautiful fighting style.

The style is commonly referred to as Water Boxing, as its movements are all as smooth as running water.  Indeed, the practitioner must ‘become’ the very nature of water – soft one second and thunderously powerful the next, fluid, adaptable and formless.

The style is said to have been created by Chen Tuan, sometimes referred to as Chen Hei I, (871-989 A.D.).  Chen was a noted mathematician and Taoist sage who lived in the Shanshi province of China, and is also accredited with the creation of Tai Chi Ruler exercises, chi gung and nei gung systems… [read more]

Street Self Defence

The streets are a dangerous place.  Everyday we hear stories about muggings, attacks, burglaries, drunken brawls and worse where some helpless victim was left injured or killed as a result.  It’s a sad fact that most passers by won’t even try and help you if they see you are in trouble and those that do are often overpowered by the aggressors themselves.

What we are left with is a painful truth: “The only person who will protect you is yourself”. However, it’s not just about being able to hit hard and fast, being able to evade strikes, get out of holds or throw someone to the floor.  It’s also about having confidence in yourself, knowing how to keep your cool, making intelligent decisions about what action is realistic and developing a sixth sense to spot danger before it even happens.

Our Street Self Defence course will teach you all this and more… [read more]