Street Self Defence

The streets are a dangerous place.  Everyday we hear stories about muggings, attacks, burglaries, drunken brawls and worse where some helpless victim was left injured or killed as a result.  It’s a sad fact that most passers by won’t even try and help you if they see you are in trouble and those that do are often overpowered by the aggressors themselves.

What we are left with is a painful truth: “The only person who will protect you is yourself”. However, it’s not just about being able to hit hard and fast, being able to evade strikes, get out of holds or throw someone to the floor.  It’s also about having confidence in yourself, knowing how to keep your cool, making intelligent decisions about what action is realistic and developing a sixth sense to spot danger before it even happens.

Our Street Self Defence course will teach you all this and more…

Would you know what to do if someone was strangling you?  Do you know how to use your body to create more strength than you ever knew you had?  Do you realise what potential life-saving weapons you carry on you right now?

You will.

Self defence courses

The Dragon Martial Arts Association offers individual, group, kids or corporate self defence classes that can be tailored to suit your needs.  Courses can last either 4, 6 or 8 weeks long, depending on your preference, covering:

  • The intelligence behind street self defenceSelf defence 2
  • How to avoiding a situation before it arises
  • How to diffuse an escalating situation
  • How to use distraction techniques
  • How and where to strike for maximum effect
  • How to use your body to create power
  • Practical kicks
  • Practical throws
  • Defence against attacks from behind
  • Using techniques in ‘freestyle’ role playing scenarios